About project

Małopolska Spatial Information Infrastructure is now Maps of Małopolska. A simpler name, greater possibilities, modern solutions, an extensive and interesting set of data. The rebuilt and optimized system not only provides access to vast spatial information resources of Małopolska but also, for the first time, allows users to create their own map resources. Maps of Małopolska are technologically advanced and user-friendly tools for exploring the richness of the region by residents, tourists, businesses, and academia.

By utilizing the latest technology to build Maps of Małopolska, the system introduces completely new functionalities and thematic modules, including:

  • Creating and sharing applications based on user-generated data or utilizing MIIP reference resources.
  • Designing map compositions that can be easily placed on other websites.
  • Performing spatial analyses based on the system’s available data.
  • Conducting analyses related to cadastral data (changes in agrarian structure, soil classification, coordination of land development activities, land consolidation).
  • Updating, publishing, and sharing digital spatial data from the Regional Center of Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation (WODGiK).
  • Easily reporting issues and errors in the system resources.

Maps of Małopolska is an integrated information system that includes:

  • A free mobile application (Android and iOS) grouping the most important functionalities available in the web version.
  • Harmonized digital data for non-standardized data to ensure interoperability.
  • An up-to-date/integrated Database of Topographic Objects BDOT10k in the Małopolska region using a web service.

Maps of Małopolska, part of the “Regional Digital Geodetic Registers System” project:

  • Increase the accessibility and quality of public e-services.
  • Provide open access to public sector information in the spatial information domain.
  • Improve the quality of public registers.
  • Enhance the interoperability of spatial data within national and regional spatial information infrastructure.

E-services developed within the project include:

  • Communication, reporting, and handling user system issues.
  • Sharing resources from WODGiK.
  • Providing user thematic resources (datasets and map applications).
  • Presenting analyses in the field of cadastral data.

Maps of Małopolska were created based on years of experience with the replaced MIIP system, keeping in mind residents, visitors, and businesses in our region. Utilizing advanced IT solutions, they provide an easy way to access an extensive, unique, and reliable set of spatial data through any web browser and mobile application.

Maps of Małopolska – the first step in discovering the region.

The construction of the Maps of Małopolska system is part of the project: Regional Digital Geodetic Registers System. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational Program of the Małopolskie Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020.

  • Priority Axis 2: Digital Małopolska
  • Action: 2.1 E-Administration and Open Resources
  • Sub-measure: 2.1.4 E-services in spatial information
  • Co-financing from ERDF: PLN 13,010,802.66
  • Co-financing from the State Budget: PLN 765,989.65
  • Own contribution: PLN 2,059,146.85
  • Total Project Value: PLN 15,836,939.16